Back on the Field

Turning A Potentially Devastating Diagnosis into a Success Story Growing up, Jaden Bode had always had knee pain. Doctors told his mother Jamie that...Read Full Article

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a condition that many people have heard of, but few understand. While common in tennis (hence the name), it stems...Read Full Article

Sports Injury Care

If you’ve ever had a sports injury, you know the importance of quick action and effective treatment. At Beacon, we provide both! Whether you’ve injured...Read Full Article


Symptoms and Treatment Concussions are a common injury in sports. Many people experience this mild traumatic brain injury for a variety of reasons,...Read Full Article

Signs of Dehydration

During the hot summer months, urgent care centers and emergency rooms see an influx of people suffering from dehydration. Staying hydrated all year long...Read Full Article

Tech Neck

What Is “Tech Neck” and How Do You Prevent It? Society revolves around technology. Our sedentary lifestyle combined with our phones in our hands...Read Full Article

Overuse Injuries

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is well underway, and with all of the hustle and bustle around game time, we’ve been discussing the dangers of exerting...Read Full Article

Common Hip Injuries

Learn more about recognizing and overcoming common hip injuries Fortunately, the human hip joint is not prone to as many issues as smaller and more...Read Full Article

Common Golf Injuries

Getting Back on the Green The summer months bring people out of their homes to soak up the sun and enjoy outdoor sports. However, sports injuries tend...Read Full Article

Shoulder Stretches

With spring right around the corner, it's important to teach proper stretching techniques to overhead athletes. Check out some of the stretches below...Read Full Article

Pain Medication Safety

SAFE Use, Storage, and Disposal of Prescription Opioid Medicines from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. To download the PDF from AAOS, please...Read Full Article

Triceps Repair

Maximum Protection Phase (Day 1 to Week 8) Weeks 0-2 Brace: 30 to 60 degrees flexion ROM: Wrist and hand ROM Gripping exercises ...Read Full Article

Fireworks Safety

If fireworks are legal to buy where you live and you choose to use them, be sure to follow the following safety tips: Never use fireworks while...Read Full Article

Frozen Shoulder FAQs

Frozen shoulder is a common, complex problem that affects many individuals. Despite ample research, a consensus over the true cause of frozen shoulder...Read Full Article

Regenexx SCP (PRP)

Henry Stiene, M.D. of Beacon Orthopaedics is thrilled to be the only physician (excluding spine) licensed in the TriState area to perform and treat...Read Full Article

Shoulder Labral Tears

Shoulder labral tears are a common acute injury.  Learn more about how tears occur and some of the best options to fix them. What is the Labrum? Let's...Read Full Article

Shoulder Impingement

What is a Shoulder Impingement? Shoulder impingement occurs when the tunnel between acromion process off of the shoulder blade and the humeral head...Read Full Article

Tendon Repair

Get back to your favorite activities fast with our new tendon repair outpatient procedure. Joint or muscle pain is a harsh intrusion into our daily lives....Read Full Article

Pre-Operative Packets

Pre-Operative Packets: Below you will find a list of Pre-Operative Packets for some of the common procedures performed by Dr. Robert Rolf. He specializes...Read Full Article

Ankle Sprains

Rolled, Twisted and Turned: How to Get Back on the Court After Ankle Sprains: Rolled, twisted, and turned: three words that no one wants to associate...Read Full Article

Achilles Injuries

Preventing Achilles Injuries: What can go wrong on the court? Most people are familiar with the great story of Achilles who was dipped into the River...Read Full Article

Surgical Videos (Graphic)  Read Full Article

Surgery Animations

SupraPec approach with Healix Anchor (lasso loop) SupraPec approach with Milagro interference screw---Please contact us for this video SubPec approach...Read Full Article

In Kremchek They Trust

For two decades, Dr. Timothy Kremchek has kept the Cincinnati Reds in the game while building a local sports-medicine empire. While best known as the medical...Read Full Article

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Dr. Tim Kremchek has served as the team physician for the Cincinnati Reds for the last 15 years, and has earned his place as a top MLB surgeon. During...Read Full Article

Tommy John Surgery

Dr. Timothy Kremchek of Beacon Orthopaedics is part of the team that provides medical and orthopaedic coverage to the Cincinnati Reds, Louisville Bats,...Read Full Article

Surgery FAQ's

MOHAB FOAD, MD FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) Below is a list of FAQs regarding your upcoming surgery. This list has been designed to assist you...Read Full Article

Snow Sports Safety

As winter approaches, many people in the greater Cincinnati area will be dusting off their snow skis and boards and getting ready for the first snow. Before...Read Full Article

Hunting Season Safety

A Note on Hunting Season Safety from Dr. Argo: As hunting season nears in Indiana and Ohio, many of us prepare stands and scout the woods for that perfect...Read Full Article

Sources of Knee Pain

Sources of Knee Pain and Easy Treatments: There are several potential sources of knee pain with the most common being an injury to the meniscus. The meniscus...Read Full Article