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-6 weeks of walking boot starting at first visit w/ 3 heel lifts
– decrease 1 heel lift per week

If you were given a nerve block for anesthesia, it will wear off over 18-24 hours. During this time you will have little to no feeling in the body part where you had surgery (i.e. leg).

To control your pain during this transition while the nerve block is wearing off, you are to eat first and then begin taking the pain medication (e.g. Vicodin, Percocet, etc) immediately when you get home from surgery.  This will prevent you from having severe pain. Take the pain medication every 4 hours until you go to bed.

You have also been given a prescription for antibiotics – please take this prescription as directed.

A sleeping medication (e.g. Ambien) is also provided to help you sleep at night. Take one tablet 30 minutes before you plan to sleep.

Keep splint on at all times.  Call if splint becomes too tight.

Use crutches and maintain leg non-weight bearing.

Do not attempt to use your surgical leg for driving activities until advised otherwise by Dr. Burleson.

DVT (blood clot) prevention:

  1. Perform range of motion exercises for right and left ankle to exercise calf muscles. Do ten reps every hour minimum while awake
  2. When upright, place surgical foot on ground and apply body weight for balance. Do not have leg suspended in air when walking with crutches, if using crutches.
  3. Beginning the day of surgery, take one baby aspirin or regular aspirin daily until first post-operative visit unless not allowed for other medical reasons. Clear this with your family doctor before starting the aspirin.


  1. You should not do any flying for two weeks following surgery

Post-Operative Appointment:
Please make a post-operative appointment to see Dr. Burleson seven to ten days following surgery.