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Arthrex Knee Cartilage Restoration

Cartilage Restoration

Articular cartilage is the smooth, tough tissue that allows bones to glide easily together. When cartilage is damaged, this can restrict range of motion, cause discomfort or pain, and even lead to further joint impairment.

Dr. David Argo and Beacon Orthopaedics are using cutting edge technologies and advanced medical techniques to allow patients with damaged cartilage to avoid joint replacements and decrease recovery times. Instead of replacing the joint, the body’s natural healing capabilities are embraced and assisted.

The joint repair uses a bio-cartilage extracellular matrix. Simply put, a framework of cartilage replaces the damaged tissue, allowing the body to heal. The bio-cartilage extracellular matrix comes from allografts taken from sterile donor tissue.

If you are a good candidate for bio-cartilage treatment, Dr. Argo will perform the procedure using arthroscopes, avoiding an open surgery. He will essentially probe into your joint to remove the damaged tissue. Once he cleans the area, the new bio-cartilage is delivered to the precise location and smoothed out to ensure full, even healing.

Dr. Argo will apply a thin layer of natural fiber glue over the bio-cartilage to complete the procedure and ensure even healing. This procedure goes beyond helping patients avoid joint replacements, it allows them to avoid open surgery altogether.

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Primary Locations:

Dr. David Argo currently sees patients at the Beacon West location on Harrison Avenue, and at the satellite office in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. His physician assistant, Joe Ehrhard, sees patients at the Beacon West office and Lawrenceburg office in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Dr. Argo does surgery at the Beacon West Surgical Center, Summit Woods Surgical Center; he also has surgical privileges at Good Samaritan Hospital and Christ Hospital in Clifton, OH and Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. His interests in orthopaedics include minimally invasive arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder (rotator cuff, throwers shoulder, fractures), as well as minimally invasive treatments of the elbow and knee. He also has extensive training in joint reconstruction and fracture care.


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