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High School & College Shadowing Program

Beacon Orthopedics recognizes the value and interest in education and career exploration. Shadowing may help you gain useful information about skills and/or education required for various health care paths such as Orthopedic Surgery, sports medicine, administration, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Occupational Therapy. Shadowing and observing are educational opportunities only and provide no hands-on experience. Participants will not engage with any patients or advise on any cases. The Beacon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Shadowing programs facilitate opportunities at many of our 20+ locations in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Only individuals 16 years of age and older may participate in these programs. To request a shadowing opportunity, please download the PDFs below and upload them back when filling out the form below.

Downloadable PDF Forms

HIPAA Virtual Orientation Video

What is Shadowing?

Shadowing is a short-term experience allowing you to see first-hand occupations, procedures, and processes that interest you. Shadowing a physician, physician assistant, or administrator means that you are following an individual as they engage with daily duties. You may watch how the individual interacts with patients, performs procedures, manages the daily schedule, and converses with coworkers.

Things to know:

  • Shadowing will be limited to 1-2 days of experiences. Upon placement, your provider will make every effort to facilitate the hours you request
  • Shadowing applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to starting date requested
  • To request a shadowing opportunity, please fill out the form above in full

Questions? Please email Mike Slemons at [email protected].