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As an interventional orthopedist, I am able to help a wide range of patients, from young athletes to older adults.  My specialties include tendon, joint, and spine pain.  Explore this page to learn more about my practice, or click below to see me.


Patient Experiences

Hear and read true stories of patients' experiences with Tenex Health and Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.  Chronic pain or an acute injury can be treated without surgery.

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Conditions Treated

My approach to regenerative medicine allows the body to heal itself in cases where surgery may have been recommended or repeated cortisone injections are not helping.

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About Me

As an interventional orthopaedist, my special interests include conservative treatment for spine and joint related conditions as well as minimally invasive treatment for chronic tendon pain.

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Resources and Blog

Want to learn more about Tenex or my approach to care?  Are you not quite ready to schedule an appointment?  My blog should provide a better understanding of who I am and what I can treat.

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Dr. John Bartsch

About Dr. John Bartsch

John Bartsch, M.D. specializes in the non-operative management of tendon, joint, and spine disorders.  He joined Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in 2011 as an interventional orthopaedist, providing expertise in minimally invasive procedures.  Dr. Bartsch's goal is to help reduce pain and maximize patients' function.

His professional interests include diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, fluoroscopic spinal procedures, sports concussions, and regenerative medicine (including neural prolotherapy).  He is also a provider of the Tenex Health TX system and can treat pain associated with tendon damage of the shoulder, elbow, knee, Achilles Tendonitis (also called tendonosis), hip bursitis, or Plantar Fasciitis.  Click here to learn more about Tenex.

Dr. Bartsch is married and has two sons and a daughter.  He enjoys running, fitness training, and spending time with his family.

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What is Tenex?

Tenex Health TX™ is a safe, quick procedure specially designed for those who are suffering from painful conditions associated with tendon damage, commonly referred to as pain in the rotator cuff, Tennis or Golfer’s elbow, Runner’s or Jumper’s knee, Achilles tendonitis (also called tendonosis), or Plantar fasciitis.

The Tenex Health TX System is based on advanced technology developed in collaboration with the world renowned Mayo Clinic.  It combines ultrasound imaging (which is also used to see a baby in the womb) to identify damaged tissue with the advanced TX MicroTip™ which precisely breaks down and removes only the damaged tissue that causes pain. Removing the damaged tissue allows the tendon to heal and provides relief from pain.

The Tenex Health TX procedure is not open surgery and can be performed in an office or procedure room in an outpatient surgery center.  The procedure requires no stiches or sutures and allows for a more rapid return to normal activities.

"He is a very good doctor. I highly recommend him. He takes the time to make sure you are getting the help you need. He really cares about his patients and wants them to get better. My wife also went to him and has had a similar experience." - Dave


Ultrasound guided surgery alternatives are a great, minimally-invasive way to treat pain due to chronic tendon disease and soft-tissue injuries.  This includes the conditions listed below as well as many others involving chronic tendon pain or soft tissue damage.

elbow pain cincinnati

Tennis Elbow (Lateral and Medial Epicondylitis)

achilles pain cincinnati

Achilles Tendonitis or Tendonosis

plantar fasciitis cincinnati

Plantar Fasciitis

hip bursitis treatments

Hip Bursitis

shoulder-pain cincinnati

Tendon Pain in the Shoulder

Tendon Spine Pain

Soft Tissue Spine Pain

Five Steps to Freedom from Tendon Pain:

Tenex Ultrasound Guided Procedure


Once the area is disinfected, a numbing agent or local anesthesia is used.  Patients are awake and alert during the entire procedure.

surgery alternatives for tendon damage


Using ultrasound imaging, Dr. Bartsch will identify the specific location and the amount of damaged tendon.

percutaneous needle tenotomy procedure


When Dr. Bartsch has assessed the damaged tendon, he will create a quarter-inch or less incision and insert the Tenex MicroTip.

Tenex Health MicroTip Cincinnatii


Using the Tenex MicroTip, Dr. Bartsch will precisely target and remove the damaged tissue, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue untouched.

Tendon damage recovery surgery


Since no anesthesia and no stitches are required, it is not uncommon for patients to drive themselves home.  A small bandage is used to cover the tiny incision.

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Primary Locations:

Dr. Bartsch is passionate about making top quality care as convenient as possible for his patients.  He currently sees patients at four of Beacon's seven locations throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area.

500 E-Business Way
Sharonville, OH 45241

600 Rodeo Drive
Erlanger, KY 41018

6480 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45247

463 Ohio Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45255

"I came to see Dr. Bartsch because of pretty intense pain in left Achilles area... The recovery process was just a few weeks, I removed the boot after two weeks... One time and out: the pain was gone! The folks at Beacon, everyone that I met from the receptionist at the front to the nurses and support staff and the doctors, it was top notch." - Gary B.

Education and Professional Organizations:


Azusa Pacific University, B.A., 1994-1998
Medical College of Ohio, M.D., 2001-2005


Ohio State University Medical Center, 2005-2006


Ohio State University Medical Center, PM&R, 2006-2009


Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Board Certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine

International Spine Interventional Society

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American Medical Association

association of acedemic physiatrists logo

Association of Academic Physiatrists

american academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Recently Attended Lectures and Seminars:

Harvard Sports Medicine Update 2017