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Specialized Orthopedic Services

Specialized Orthopedic Services in Cincinnati and Dayton

At Beacon Orthopaedics, we employ a team of dedicated specialists in each area of orthopedic medicine and hold each of these specialists to rigorously high standards. Each orthopedic surgeon on our team has demonstrated the highest level of expertise in his or her specialty, as well as an unparalleled devotion to personalized patient care. It is this commitment to excellence that sets Beacon Orthopaedics apart and has earned the trust and confidence of countless patients in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas.

Speciality Orthopedic Care at Beacon Orthopaedics

Foot and Ankle Care

At Beacon Orthopaedics, we have a team of lower extremity specialists dedicated entirely to Foot and Ankle Care. These experts can diagnose and effectively treat any condition or injury that impacts the incredibly complex feet and ankles, providing each patient with the kind of individualized, comprehensive care they deserve.

Hand and Wrist Care

Our Hand and Wrist Care specialists at Beacon Orthopaedics understand how essential proper hand function is to many daily tasks, so we work quickly to diagnose and properly treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains or strains, fractures, dislocations, arthritis, and more. From hand and finger joint replacement to home therapy, we provide comprehensive treatment for hand and wrist injuries and conditions.

Hip Care

Hip Care specialists at Beacon Orthopaedics are able to diagnose and treat all conditions that impact the human hip, from arthritis, tendinitis, or bursitis to sports injuries such as muscle strains, contusions, and stress fractures. We provide a full range of hip treatments, including injections and ortho-biologics, arthroscopy, total hip replacement, and hip surgery revision.

Knee Care

The Knee Care specialists on our team are especially well-qualified to diagnose and treat disorders and injuries of the incredibly complex knee joint. While we specialize in knee surgery, we always recommend the most conservative treatment possible to effectively alleviate pain and restore mobility, getting our patients back on their feet quickly.

Shoulder and Elbow Care

With extensive training in Shoulder and Elbow Care, our specialists in this area of orthopedics diagnose the cause of shoulder and elbow pain then create a detailed treatment plan to help patients achieve comfort and improve strength and mobility. Whether you require orthobiologics, shoulder or elbow joint surgery, or even partial or total joint replacement, we’re here to provide the treatment you need to get back to your life.

Spine and Neck Care

The Spine and Neck Care program at Beacon Orthopaedics is comprehensive, and one of the only practices in this area with fast access to a dedicated spine surgeon. Our specialists are able to diagnose and treat a full range of adult or pediatric spine problems (surgical and non-surgical) effectively and efficiently.

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At Beacon Orthopaedics, each patient has direct access with a highly-experienced orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating his or her specific injury or condition. To schedule a consultation with an orthopedist who can help alleviate your pain and get you moving again as quickly as possible, please contact us. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 513-354-3700 to speak with a live representative who’s available 24/7/365.