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Get Hip to How Your Golf Swing Could Cause IT Band Syndrome

This is one for all of our golfers out there. We know you all love spending time on the green, and driving those balls like there’s no tomorrow. Spoiler: So do many of us at Beacon! But have you ever felt an annoying pain in your knee after a day on the links? That could be your iliotibial band talking, IT band for short, and it’s not happy with your swing.

Picture it: you’re winding up for that killer swing, and your hips go on a wild side-to-side adventure. All of that swaying puts your IT band under major stress. The IT band runs down your outer thigh from the top of your pelvic bone down to your knee, and it can get super tight and angry when you’re not careful with your swing. It’s called IT band syndrome, and it can put a big hitch in your step and your golf game.

How to Help Prevent IT Band Syndrome

Your specialists at Beacon have your back — and hips. We compiled our tips to help keep IT band syndrome at bay to keep you out on the green.

Warm Up and Stretch: Before you start any physical activity, you should warm up and stretch. (If you grew up before everyone was carrying around smartphones, this advice especially includes you.) Warming up doesn’t have to be anything intense for golf. Whatever gets you feeling looser — particularly in your hips, thighs, and glutes — is what you should do. You could simply go for a brisk walk and do some jumping jacks and traditional stretches to limber up.

Rock that Core: A strong core can be a secret weapon in protecting the IT band. Planks, bridges, and twists should all be part of your core-strengthening game. By doing them, you’ll better stabilize your swing and take some of the strain off of your IT band.

Swing with Finesse: Ignore impulses to crush the ball, and focus on swing mechanics. A pro golf instructor can give you the lowdown on proper form to ensure you’re using the right technique.

Listen to Your Body: Even though we all know that pain is our body’s alarm bell, we still make the mistake of ignoring it. Stop that! If you feel something is off, stop and take a breather. Ice the area, rest up, and maybe even talk to the golf pro at your course about what’s going on.

Post-Game Cool Down: After a round of golf, show your muscles some love. Hit up those static stretches and show your hips, thighs, and IT band a nice, relaxing time.

Keep the 19th Hole at the Clubhouse

The bottom line is to treat your hips right, and they’ll treat you right on the golf course. However, if you’re feeling some pain that won’t go away with rest, it may be time to move the 19th hole from the clubhouse to Beacon Orthopaedics. If you’re feeling like you need to trade in your golf pro for an orthopedic pro, you can schedule an appointment online with us anytime. Our specialists are here for you anytime, including our urgent care locations.