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Knee Scopes/Arthroscopy

Trouble bending, squatting, twisting and even pain while walking or running are symptoms of a damaged meniscus.  Knee scopes, otherwise known as “knee arthroscopies” can help! Since they are minimally invasive, that means a faster recovery time, lower risk of complication, and less scarring than open surgeries.

The meniscus is essentially the shock absorber of the knee. An injury can cause tenderness of the joint, trouble squatting, twisting, and swelling of the knee. This may also result in the inability to perform daily activities or exercises without pain.

We start with MRIs to make sure knee scopes are fitting. Once eligibility has been established, we will schedule a surgery date. The minimally invasive surgery means we make two very tiny incisions, one on each side of the knee. Each incision is less than one centimeter. This allows us to insert a tiny camera to survey the knee in its entirety. We are also able to look all around the knee. In many instances, a torn meniscus can be repaired with a suture during surgery. Depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes damaged tissue will need to be removed.

One of the benefits of choosing Beacon Orthopaedics is that we offer viewing rooms for family members of our patients. This means parents, a spouse, or children can see exactly what the doctor does and how the surgery is progressing. Doctor Kremchek has performed over 5,000 knee scopes, making him one of if not the, most experienced knee arthroscopy surgeons in the region.

What is a knee scope/arthroscopy? Find out by watching the video below. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kremchek to learn more.