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In Kremchek They Trust

FKremchek Quoteor two decades, Dr. Timothy Kremchek has kept the Cincinnati Reds in the game while building a local sports-medicine empire. While best known as the medical director for Cincinnati’s MLB team, “Doc” provides the same attention and respect to his high school athlete and weekend warrior patients.

“It’s about respecting what is important to them,” says Kremchek. “I don’t care if it’s recreational soccer, jogging, golf, tennis—because I get it, that’s very important. You’ve got to help them do the things they want to do.”

Cincinnati Magazine recently published a detailed article about “Doc.” He continues to build an impressive legacy, and he does so day in and day out.

“Doc” is at every Reds home game, often going out to Spring Training, too. After Friday night high school football games, Dr. Kremchek is taking care of injured athletes quickly. He recognizes the importance of addressing sports injuries immediately.

As part of the team that handle Mount Saint Joe, Xavier, and Wilmington College athletics, there isn’t really a slow time of year for him. “I like to take Sundays off,” he stated. After shadowing him for the day, it’s going to take a little bit more convincing.

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