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How Physical Therapy Could Help You Live A Healthier Life

What is orthopedic physical therapy? You may know it is an integral process in recovery from either injury or surgery. You also likely know it can be physically challenging. But, do you know about all of the ways that it can help you live with less pain?

To start, let’s define orthopedic physical therapy (PT) and establish its purpose. PT is a treatment focused on improving the functioning of your orthopedic system: muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. Rehabilitation and recovery are the most common reasons people go to physical therapy. However, many don’t realize that PT can also be used as a preventive treatment to relieve pain and increase mobility.

Physical Therapy for Prevention

When you start PT, the goal is to restore your functionality, mobility and strength. In many cases, this restoration work can keep you from needing surgery, or it can even help prevent future injuries. Beacon Orthopaedic specialists evaluate each patient’s unique situation to determine the best course of action for treatment. For some, it’s surgery, but for others, it’s minimally invasive treatment or physical therapy. Further, a doctor or physical therapist can identify areas of vulnerability for future problems that can be reversed with PT.

Physical Therapy for Rehab and Recovery

Recovering from surgery can be a long and arduous process — the same is true for rehabbing an injury. Physical Therapy not only accelerates that process, but it also helps ensure you regain the range of motion, flexibility and balance you had before the pain. Alleviating pain is another great advantage of doing physical therapy as you recover.

BONUS: Physical Therapy for All Things

Physical therapy may not cure everything, but its purposes and advantages go beyond what has been discussed. It can help athletes get a competitive edge, or it can improve cardiovascular functions. Age-related health issues like arthritis can also be improved with physical therapy. You can explore all of the ways your life could be improved by a simple conversation with a Beacon specialist. If you’re an athlete looking for that competitive edge we just mentioned, our Baseball Throwing, Bridge or Running Analysis Programs could be great options for you.

Is Physical Therapy for You?

If you are injured, facing the possibility of surgery, or experience any of the following issues that interfere with your ability to carry on daily activities, you could be a great candidate for PT. It’s worth bringing it up with your doctor.

  • Immobility
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Weakness

Take the Next Step to Learn More

The specialists at Beacon are here to help you find the right course of treatment for your needs. Same-day appointments and Urgent Care are available when you need to learn more about how orthopedic physical therapy could benefit you. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we also offer physical therapy through telehealth at our Summit Woods, Miamisburg, West and Northern Kentucky locations (513-354-3700). Our Bridge Program could also be an ideal fit for someone in any of these situations. Contact us to learn more about it.