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Beacon’s Bridge Program for Injury Recovery

The Bridge Program at Beacon Orthopaedics is a unique physical training program that provides a transition between initial recovery after an injury and the return to full function. This customized training program is tailored to each patient and is designed to continue the recovery process after physical therapy.

Beacon’s Bridge Program in our Summit Woods location in Sharonville, Ohio can improve strength, balance, and range of motion to decrease your risk of re-injury and help you regain optimal well-being after an injury.

The Bridge Program helps:

  • Assess areas of functional deficit
  • Gain confidence and stability when returning from injury
  • Return to full activity safely
  • Improve strength, range of motion and balance
  • Develop strategies to reduce pain and dysfunction

The Bridge program focuses on using functional analysis to determine the specific exercises that will help individuals reach their optimum level of function. Sessions are individualized and completed by one of our certified athletic trainers, Josh True.

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The Bridge Program is open to:

  • Anyone who is seeking a next step after physical therapy
  • Anyone who is interested in improving stability, mobility, and strength
  • Athletes who need customized training to regain a competitive advantage
  • Physical therapy patients who have received clearance to join

To schedule a session with the Bridge Program, please click “Schedule Online” or email Josh True by clicking the button below:

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Beacon Orthopaedics' Bridge Program Provides Transition from Physical Therapy

Meet Mark Keiser, ATC

Mark Keiser is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a part of the Beacon Bridge Program team, specializing in Beacon’s Baseball Throwing Program. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Ohio University and a Master’s degree in Athletic Training from East Carolina University. Mark is also a trainer for the Midland Redskins and at Moeller High School.
Mark is dedicated to helping athletes heal from injuries and optimize their performance. He has previously worked as a Minor League Athletic Trainer and was with the Kansas City Royals for several years, including 2015 for their World Series win. He is proud to see athletes he worked with graduate from the minor to the major leagues.

Mark is an Ohio native and currently resides in Fort Thomas, KY with his wife Rachel and their daughter.

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Additional Physical Therapy Programs

Beacon offers a range of physical therapy programs to meet a variety of patient needs. The following programs work collaboratively with the Bridge program and also have a similar pricing structure:

ACL Injury Prevention Program

This ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is to provide stability to the knee. Most ACL injuries occur during non-contact events (about 75%), when an individual is cutting, decelerating, or landing from a jump. Decreased mobility, lack of stability and imbalanced strength increase the risk of suffering an ACL injury. This program is designed to assist an individual reduce their risk of suffering an ACL injury. An individual will go through an assessment to identify deficient and dysfunction, and design a plan to assist in addressing these areas of concern. The program addresses the major risk factors by improving mobility, stability, and strength, while also addressing more dynamic factors such as cutting, landing, and jumping to reduce the risk of suffering an ACL Injury.


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Schedule an introductory consultation with one of our certified athletic trainers to learn if the Bridge Program can help you. It is our goal to help you return to the sports and activities you love as soon as possible.

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