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I Completed Physical Therapy. Now What?

Step Down from Physical Therapy to Beacon’s Bridge Program for a Full Return to Health

Congratulations! You’ve had a successful surgery with a Beacon Orthopaedics physician AND you completed physical therapy like a pro. But you’re still not quite where you want to be physically. That’s where the Bridge Program comes in. It’s designed to ease the transition from injury recovery to full function, decrease your risk of re-injury, and improve strength, range of motion and balance.

It doesn’t just help our surgery patients though. It’s for…

    • Anyone looking to return from injury to full strength and mobility
    • Anyone looking to improve their level of strength and wellness
    • Athletes looking to return to play or gain a competitive advantage
    • Patients who have initiated formal physical therapy and/or received clearance by their Physical Therapist and Physician to advance to the Bridge Program

Bridge Program’s Certified Athletic Trainer

Josh True, ATC oversees our Bridge Program as lead Certified Athletic Trainer. With several certifications and intensive athletic training experience, helping everyone from middle school athletes to Olympians, Josh is uniquely qualified to offer this level of specialized care to anyone seeking it.

“My goal for our Bridge patients to gain confidence to return to their normal life and activities,” Josh said. “We start with a seven-point assessment, which enables us to create a unique plan of care for every individual. That plan assists us in making sure we can help patients regain whatever deficit they’re experiencing.”

What to Expect

When you begin as a Bridge patient, we start with an evaluation to establish your baseline. We’ll lead you through seven basic movement patterns and a variety of other tests connected to your condition to identify goals and develop the best overall plan of care for you.

“After surgery, I spent quite a bit of time in physical therapy. Despite all my efforts and hard work, I still didn’t feel like I was back to where I was pre-surgery. The Bridge Program did just that. After following Josh’s program, I felt like I was ready to get back on the court.” — Bridge Program Patient

How to Start

You can start the Beacon Bridge Program with a simple phone call at (513) 389-3666 or an email ([email protected]). It’s that easy. You can buy a single session or different packages — whatever works best for your situation. While your insurance won’t cover the Bridge Program because it’s considered training beyond physical therapy, you can use HSA or FSA to help cover the cost in most cases.

We currently offer this program at our Summit Woods location.