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What to Expect When Your Doctor Recommends Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff surgery repairs damaged shoulders, specifically damage caused by injuries. The injury may or not be associated with sports, but the damage is often extensive. Dr. Andrew Razzano works with the staff of Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. Together, they offer effective treatment options for shoulder injuries that are caused by participation in athletics or a variety of other activities.

What does the rotator cuff consist of?

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that support and strengthen the shoulder joint. The cuff is responsible for much of the shoulder’s movements and range of motion. The teres minor, subscapularis, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus make up the “cuff,” which surrounds the actual shoulder joint.

The cuff itself protects the joint and allows for freedom of movement in almost every direction. If the rotator cuff is injured in any way, its range of motion decreases dramatically. Mobility and flexibility will also be limited until the cuff heals. If the damage is extensive, surgery may be needed to restore the cuff to its original form, allowing it to function more efficiently.

How long does a rotator cuff injury take to heal?

The rotator cuff can sometimes take from eight to 12 weeks to heal. The shoulder is one of the most versatile joints in the body. It can move in almost every direction while lifting or guiding other objects. The shoulder must also support the weight of the arm at all times.

After an injury, it can be tough to keep the shoulder immobile for the entire recovery time. Even small movements can reinjure the area and produce inflammation and scar tissue. If you have received any shoulder injury, you must carefully follow Dr. Razzano’s instructions. That includes attending physical therapy sessions and using the exercises that you learn while you’re at home.

Who is at risk for rotator cuff injuries?

Rotator cuff injuries often happen to athletes but are also likely to occur if you have a job that requires an excessive amount of physical strength and lifting. If you work as a mover or in the shipping and receiving industry, the constant lifting of heavy objects as you attempt to move them from place to place can weaken the shoulder joint, making it a prime candidate for injury.

Injury to the rotator cuff can occur when the shoulder is stretched to its limit. It’s important to stretch the arms, shoulders, and upper back before performing any intense physical activity. This floods the area with additional oxygenated blood and allows it to function more effectively.

If you need to discuss treatment options for your shoulder injury, contact Dr. Andrew Razzano for a consultation at the Dayton office.