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What Are the Most Common Skiing Injuries?

Skiing is a fun winter sport that many enjoy. However, like all other sports it comes with a risk of injuries. Learn all about what they are and how to avoid them here!

Knee Sprains

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Of all injuries, knee injuries are the most common when it comes to skiing. Sprains occur when a ligament is torn or stretched too far. These happen when too much force is put on the knee or when the knee bends in an unnatural direction. Strengthening the knee can help prevent this injury. If you are prone to knee sprains, wearing a brace that is designed to offer more support to the knee will help stabilize the joint.

Broken Wrists

Falling and catching yourself on your hands is common in skiing. However, this can lead to a fracture of the wrist. Wearing a wrist brace is a great way to prevent this type of injury. If you can’t get a brace, try falling towards your side rather than onto outstretched arms.

Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocations happen when the humerus (bone of upper arm) becomes dislodged from the shoulder socket. While not usually severe or serious, dislocation is incredibly painful. Strengthening your shoulder muscles and avoiding landing on your shoulder will help prevent a dislocation injury.

Spinal Injuries

Injuring your spine is extremely rare for people who ski recreationally but can be a very real threat for people who ski competitively. Serious falls, especially moving at a high velocity, can put pressure on the spinal cord. If you experience any neck or back pain after a fall, see an orthopedic spine specialist immediately.

If you or a loved one experience an injury while skiing, walk in to a Beacon Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Urgent Care Center during posted hours of operation or, schedule an appointment at one of our offices. Our orthopedic specialists can get you back on the slopes in no time!