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Urgent Care Cincinnati

There are quite a few urgent care centers in the Cincinnati Area. When disaster strikes and you need urgent care services, do you know where to go for the best and quickest care? If you experience a sprain, strain, break, tear, or any other orthopedic injury, Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine can help treat you quickly and effectively.

What makes Beacon Urgent Care the best in Cincinnati?

Imagine this: you’re watching your child at soccer practice when you see them trip and fall, catching themselves on their arm. You know almost immediately that something is wrong, and the coach confirms: they think your child has a broken wrist. Do you know where to go?

The emergency room may be the first place you think of going. While the ER is the best place to go for health emergencies like heart attacks or illnesses, you could spend a prolonged amount of time waiting to be seen. In fact, the average wait time for a standard hospital emergency room is 30 minutes. While this may not seem like a long time, remember that spending half an hour in pain before even seeing a physician can seem like an eternity. Also, the 30-minute estimate is exactly that: an estimate. Some patients spend hours waiting to see a physician who can help ease their pain and fix whatever is going on.

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Don’t spend an unknown amount of time waiting in pain. Beacon Urgent Care is the premier place to go for all orthopedic injuries. Our

specialists are ready to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan the day you come in. You can avoid the long waits and high costs of an emergency room visit while enjoying the convenience of expedient care by an orthopedic specialist.

We are capable of treating a wide variety of orthopedic injuries. These may include:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Concussions

We can also treat other orthopedic injuries to your spine, muscles, tendons, and joints including elbow, knee, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, hip, back and neck, and sports injuries.

Unlike an emergency room, our clinic is only staffed by fellowship-trained physicians, licensed physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. These specialists have completed years of training centered on a specific category of orthopedics, which allows them to provide a higher level of care than a general physician, PA, or NP. Emergency rooms are not usually staffed by specialists. At Beacon, we only staff with the best physicians in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.

Beacon’s Cincinnati Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Cost

Along with the pain of an injury, an emergency room trip also costs a lot of money. Without health insurance, the average cost of an emergency room visit for an orthopedic injury can be anywhere from $900-$1,500. And that’s just getting there and getting a referral! At the Beacon Orthopaedic walk-in clinic, you can expect prices around one sixth of that cost. And you’ll be seeing a specialist right away!

Beacon Orthopaedics: Your Cincinnati Urgent Care Choice

When you experience an orthopedic injury, you need to get it addressed as soon as possible. The sooner the proper therapies are applied, the sooner you can recover and return to your pre-injury lifestyle. While this is especially important for high school, college, and professional athletes who want to return to their highest level of performance, it is also important for those who experience a problem resulting from the workplace or everyday activity. And while you can’t predict when you’ll need orthopedic care, you can have a plan for when you do.

If you need orthopedic urgent care in Cincinnati, Beacon Orthopaedics is the place to go. We also have locations in Northern Kentucky and Dayton! Learn more about our hours or contact us today!

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