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In Our Patient’s Own Words: Grateful for Physical Therapist’s Unwavering Dedication to My Recovery

In our busy lives, we’ve all been asked to provide an online review for receiving care or a service. Even if we’ve been very happy, we have all simply provided one word of praise – for expediency’s sake. Entering “great” or even an emoji must simply suffice. We’ve got so much to do!

Recently, Beacon Physical Therapist Rob Boyd, received much more than a cartoon “thumbs-up” as a review from one of his PT patients, following his knee-replacement surgery. The patient’s thoughtful post began with:

While there are standard components to PT following a knee replacement, engaging each person thoroughly, and concentrating on their experience, is critical to the personalized care offered. “We listen to every patient carefully, working closely together. For instance, I found out that this patient wanted to return to kayaking, which requires ‘sitting low’,” said Rob. “So that became a measurable and achievable goal for us to seek.”

Knowing that physical therapy is a team effort (patient, surgeon, and physical therapist all working together), Rob was quick to point out that this man was in good shape to begin with and after the surgery, he always did the work required at home to supplement the sessions they did together. When asked what other potential physical therapy patients might learn from this case, Rob offered these things to know:

  • Research shows that the better strength and mobility patients have before surgery, the better they will do with PT and recovery. 
  • Patients might even want to ask about “prehab” to increase their range of motion and strength BEFORE surgery.
  • Expect that your post-surgery rehab work:
    • Starts three days after surgery
    • Happens two times a week for two to three months with your physical therapist
    • Continues with at-home exercise for about three more months – this homework is critical to successful outcomes

“I want people to know that PT is a lot of work after the surgery itself,” stressed Rob “Patients need to ‘buy-in’ for PT to succeed.” He stressed that everyone is different and that is part of the relationship he builds with each patient. Whatever goals are set together and how hard and quickly the patient must work at the clinic and at home are the ways fuller recovery happens.

Brevity is always appreciated in our fast-paced world. However, the detailed summary included compliments and thanks Rob not only appreciated; they were completely deserved.

“My experience with Physical Therapist Rob Boyd at Beacon Orthopedics was nothing short of excellent. I am immensely grateful for his expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication to my recovery.” – Beacon Patient

If you are experiencing pain or have questions about joint replacement or the benefits of physical therapy, please click here to schedule an appointment with one of the Beacon professionals.