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Winter Safety Tips

Are you prepared for the cold weather? Check out some of our winter safety tips below to help you avoid injury!

  1. Prepare! Make sure you have a plan in place for if you fall, get injured, or get in a car accident. snowblower-at-work-on-a-winter-day-PWHJXQ4 (1)Have your phone on or near you at all times for easy access, drive carefully on the roads, and pay attention to weather advisories. Always make sure your gas tank is half-full to avoid a frozen gas line.
  2. Be careful when shoveling snow. Grueling levels of activity at freezing temperatures can put people who live sedentary lifestyles at risk for heart attacks. Avoid consuming caffeine beforehand because it increases your heart rate.
  3. December and January are the peak times for increased carbon monoxide levels. Freezing cold temperatures increases the use of gas-powered furnaces as well as the use of alternative heating and power sources (portable generators, charcoal briquettes, propane stoves or grills) during power outages. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries.
  4. Dress warmly. Many people choose not to dress very warmly because they don’t like the bulkiness of a coat or they think they’ll only be out in the cold for a shot amount of time. In reality, you never know when an emergency situation could occur. For example, your car could break down and a tow truck may not be able to reach you in a short amount of time. Make sure your skin is covered in lose, warm layers.
  5. Avoid crossing the road from behind cars or snowbanks. An approaching vehicle may not be able to see you, and cars may not be able to stop in time due to icy conditions.
  6. Clear walkways and take short steps when walking on icy paths. Falls account for about 40% of winter-related injuries.

If you or a loved one get injured, come to Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. We treat all orthopedic injuries including fractures, tears in the tendons or muscles, as well as concussions. Schedule an appointment today or walk in to one of our urgent cares.