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5 Tips for a Healthy Back

Our physical therapy team is committed to keeping our patients healthy and have provided tips to keep you healthy while at home. Here are five tips to maintain healthy spinal posture.

lifting box

1.)    Be cautious when lifting heavy objects – Try not to bend at the waist when picking something up off the ground, instead bend your knees with proper squat form. Also, keep objects close to your body when carrying or moving items to reduce stress on your spine.

2.)    Stretch daily – try to stretch your hamstrings, piriformis and lower extremity daily in order to maintain proper flexibility.

3.)    Work on your core strength – perform abdominal bracing and core work in order to build proper strength and stability.

4.)    Abdominal bracing – think about engaging your core throughout the day with activities such as sitting, lifting, walking, etc.

5.)    Never push through pain – on a day where your back pain has flared up, try not to push through pain, take rest breaks and allow time for proper cool down or healing.

Beacon’s physicians and physical therapy team are still open and seeing patients if you are in pain or need our help with enhanced health and safety protocols. We are also offering telehealth video visits for our existing patients. Call 513-354-3700 to schedule your appointment.