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Interview with Dr. Michael Rohmiller

Less Invasive Treatments and Shorter Hospital Stays Mean Faster Recovery

As one of our region’s premier spine surgeons, Dr. Michael Rohmiller of Beacon Orthopaedics knows a thing or two about the patients who come to see him and his colleagues. In many cases, people think no one truly gets better after spine surgery. So, they avoid seeking help even when they are in pain. However, with advancements in spinal surgery, now people not only get better, they often thrive!  “Everyone is nervous when they’re referred to a spine surgeon,” said Dr. Rohmiller. “They are really worried they’ll require surgery, but the truth is — most patients I see do not require surgery.”

He and his colleagues treat patients very conservatively. “I’ve been working in this field for almost two decades,” he continued, “and more than 90% of my patients do not require surgery. We accomplish that by working together with every patient to develop a care and treatment plan that doesn’t require surgery.” Dr. Rohmiller reports that he has treated more than 60,000 people during his years of practice and performed over 6,000 surgeries.

The advancements in techniques, technology and the indications for surgery have changed dramatically over the years he has been practicing medicine. The patients are the clear winners – with less invasive treatments and shorter times needed in the hospital. That means faster recovery times too. As Beacon expects these types of advancements to continue to grow, the team is always seeking and learning more about research and treatments that will help patients. Further education and training are part of the fiber of Beacon Orthopaedics and patients reap the benefits.

When asked what he wanted to share with readers who might come across this post, he was quick to say that he is especially proud of the clinical experience and excellent patient outcomes he and all his colleagues at Beacon offer to our neighbors. “Frankly, this is a tightknit community,” Rohmiller said. “Word of mouth is the best referral when people are so close. And I am proud that Beacon has rightfully earned an amazing reputation for great patient care and positive outcomes.” Touching more lives in this way will positively impact the whole world. He is honored to have that kind of influence.

Dr. Rohmiller also mentioned that he is excited to be a part of the active growth Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is experiencing since the formation of OrthoAlliance. Patients have asked him what that means for them. He says it hasn’t affected the practice at all, except that the investment means he’s been able to recruit more talented physicians to join his team, providing care for even more patients who need it. Expanding that “care footprint” is good for his practice and for the entire community – where he, his wife and three children call home.

He was born and raised in Northern Kentucky and is a proud alumnus of Covington Catholic High School. He moved out of the area for educational opportunities (University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Vanderbilt University for residency and then further spine surgery specific training in San Diego), but then, after 15 years, returned to the Tri-State.  After practicing with another group in Cincinnati for almost 9 years, he ultimately joined the team at Beacon in 2013. He has developed a loyal patient base who continue to recommend him to their friends in need. And for that he is so grateful.

“I am incredibly fortunate to do what I do,” Dr. Rohmiller said. “It is my life and my vocation.   I’ll know it is time to hang it up if it ever feels like work.”