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Shoulder Sling Education (Breg SlingShot™ 3)

The SlingShot™ 3 Brace is a shoulder sling manufactured by Breg.

The brace is specially designed to hold the arm in the correct position to ensure that it heals quickly and correctly. Patients usually wear the brace for 4-6 weeks following surgery, and longer in some cases. One of the primary reasons your doctor selected this case is comfort. If you are experiencing discomfort, please contact your physician, or Breg directly.

Typical shoulder braces have straps that run across the back of the neck, putting extra pressure and weight on the spine. The straps can cause rubbing, digging, and irritation on the neck. The unique design of the SlingShot™ 3 means greater comfort because it moves pressure away from the neck. The fabric is thin, about the thickness of a dime (2mm) to ensure it is lightweight and breathable. There is also mesh fabric to keep the patient’s arm cool and reduce perspiration. Typical slings have fabric at the elbow, which often irritates the ulnar nerve. With this sling, however, the elbow is left open, and the strap can be adjusted.

Shoulder Sling Application and Care

After shoulder surgery, the doctor will put the shoulder sling on a patient. To remove the brace, make sure your injured arm is supported. Then you’ll unbutton the quick release buttons and gently slide your arm out of the sling. Sliding your other arm out of the harness should be easy. Don’t unbuckle any straps, and if your doctor has placed pillows in the brace, please try not to move them.

To put the brace back on, support the injured arm. Slide your injured arm’s forearm into the sling, then slide your other arm through the harness and slide it up onto your shoulder (similar to putting on a backpack). Attaching the closure strap across the top of the sling should complete the process. If you experience any increased pain or swelling or any other negative reactions at any time, please contact your doctor right away.

While SlingShot™ 3 is an amazing shoulder sling, it cannot protect your arm from everything. Re-injury can happen, so please remember to reduce your activity level, according to your doctor’s recommendations. Exercise appropriate caution when removing and applying the brace.

Taking care of the brace is easy. Just clean it periodically or as needed, depending on how active your lifestyle is and much you perspire. Hand wash it in cold water using a mild detergent. We recommend air drying after rinsing.

If you need a reminder on how to remove or put on the brace, either refer to the pamphlet that came with the brace, visit the Breg website, or use the QR code on the brace’s tag.

Trouble Shooting Your Shoulder Sling

The SlingShot™ 3 shoulder sling is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. There are a few things that might you find the perfect fit. Patients with larger chests may want to opt for the sling closure extension. This is available simply by contacting Breg and requesting one.