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Common Head and Neck Injuries from Sports

Common Head and Neck Injuries from Sports:

Doctor John Brannan of Beacon Orthopaedics and Spine discusses some common causes and symptoms of head, neck, spine, and brain injuries related to high school athletics. Being able to recognize and diagnose head and neck injuries is crucial. This will help prevent additional injury and can expedite the healing process.

Head and neck injuries are all too common in sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, and many other common high school sports. Head, spine, or brain injury indicators are often headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and confusion. Neck or upper spine injuries often manifest themselves in the form of stiffness, general “boney” pain, or radiating pain in the arm.

It is important to recognize these causes and symptoms as early as possible. Prevention of head and neck injuries can be more important than recognizing the symptoms after damage has occurred. All injuries should be fully resolved before returning to play.

Depending on the severity, timing of recovery can sometimes be a few minutes to hours, or in some cases as long as a few weeks. Proper diagnosis and treatment are imperative in speeding up recovery time. Even more important is preventative action.

Preventative actions include using proper techniques when diving, tackling, or using your head in sports like soccer. Avoiding collisions and head-to-head impact are always good, too.

If you’re experiencing symptoms associated with these injuries, schedule an appointment with Dr. John Brannan or call (513) 354-3700.