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Why is Back to School Season Dangerous?

Why is Back to School Season DangerousBack to School: Part One

It’s no surprise that back to school season sees a spike of visits to the emergency room. With the greater amount of early morning travel, heavy backpacks, and spills on the playground, it’s no wonder there are more injuries in the first few months of school. In Part One of our two-part back to school series, we discuss potential school-related injuries that may occur.

Transportation Injuries

Improper road safety is the primary reason for emergency room visits during the school year. Whether your child walks, rides the bus, or is driven to school by a parent or guardian, it’s important to practice proper transportation safety. Accidents from transportation injuries can be as minor as a bump and a scrape, or as major as multiple fractures or, in the worst case, even death. In fact, car crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens. Early morning traffic and the stress of running late can cause children to make poor decisions when crossing the road or pulling out into traffic.

Backpack Injuries

Is your child coming home with an extremely heavy backpack? This can lead to back problems, muscle strains, and create a tripping hazard. Backpacks should never weigh more than 5-10% of your child’s body weight.

Playground Injuries

Playground injuries can range from a few scrapes to broken limbs and head injuries. Aside from basic first aid, students should go to an orthopaedic urgent care center or the emergency room if serious injury is suspected. However, a few bumps and bruises can be expected.

If your child is going back to school this fall, make sure to educate them and yourself on the potential injuries they may encounter. Stay tuned for part two: safety tips!

If you experience a pulled muscle or strain due to any of these back to school issues, you can schedule an appointment 24/7 with Beacon here.