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Dr. Timothy Kremchek Named in Top 10 MLB Surgeons

Bleacher Report named Dr. Timothy Kremchek one of the Top 10 Super Surgeons of the MLB for his work on countless professional athletes. Considering his fifteen years serving as team physician for the Cincinnati Reds MLB team, this was definitely a big honor for Dr. Kremchek. His childhood dream growing up in Cincinnati was to take care of the Reds.

When he attended baseball games as a teen, Timothy Kremchek used point to the home team’s dugout. He would tell his friends, “One day I’m going to take care of the Reds.” A few decades later, and his dream is a reality. Not only is Dr. Kremchek treating Major League Baseball players from the Reds and other organizations, he also sees professional athletes from nearly every sport imaginable: football, basketball, lacrosse, mixed martial arts… you name it!

Along with treating professional athletes, he’s known for his passion with young athletes too. He spoke with the New York Times about his concern for children throwing curveballs.

He has earned a name for himself as a leader in elbow and knee injuries, including arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Kremchek is available to treat patients of all ages from young athletes to older adults, you can book an appointment with him here.

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