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The Bridge: From Total Joint Replacement Surgery to Recovery

There are three big chapters in the storybook of total joint replacement surgery. The first chapter varies in length depending on the person and when they come into get treatment. Most of the attention goes to the second chapter when the surgery occurs. The least amount of focus is given to the third chapter when rehabilitation and recovery happen.

Patients are understandably eager to close the book on their joint story. However, the ones who skip to the end might get a very undesired plot twist that results in them taking longer to heal, re-injuring themselves, or worst of all, a turn of events that lands them back on the operating table.

At Beacon, our specialists are committed to guiding patients through each chapter of their joint replacement story — with footnotes. From our first consultation, you’ll know that we’ve got you. Oftentimes, we can even take same-day appointments to get you started on your path to recovery. Your recommended care plan may start with minimally invasive treatment before jumping to total joint replacement surgery. The treatment approach varies to your unique situation.

Once it’s decided that joint replacement is the right course of action, your physician will lay out your specific recovery plan. It will not stop at surgery day, and it will include post-surgery care — specifically, physical therapy.

The Bridge from Recovery to Wellness

From knee to hip replacement, rehabbing your body after surgery is key to proper recovery and avoiding prolonging the healing process. Once you complete physical therapy, you might benefit from extended therapy.

That’s where our Bridge Program comes in. It’s designed to ease the transition from injury recovery to return to full function, decrease your risk of re-injury, and improve strength, range of motion and balance.

The Bridge Program is provided at Beacon Orthopaedics Summit Woods Physical Therapy department. It evaluates a patient’s functional movement patterns as well as their level of strength and endurance and uses this information to tailor an exercise plan that will increase their speed, agility, and endurance post-injury. Contact Josh True, ATC by email [email protected] or phone 513-389-3666 to learn more.

Next Steps: Total Joint Replacement

Beacon’s physicians are here to get you back to what you love doing as quickly as the healing process allows. There are no shortcuts when it comes to total joint replacement. If you have joint pain and need to embark on your own recovery journey, schedule an appointment with our team of knee and hip replacement experts today.

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