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A Hike a Day is the Orthopaedic Doctor’s Way

Dr. Michael Swank is Hot on Our Trail

Cincinnati Nature Center is a local treasure that invites its visitors to slow down, enjoy nature, and take a hike. Few know that more than Dr. Michael Swank, board-certified surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements. As a Nature Center member and creator of Walk30™, his two greatest passions (outside of orthopaedics) intersect with his conviction to the power of walking.

When Cincinnati Nature Center’s Event Coordinator Pamela Tierney called Dr. Swank to initiate a conversation about the benefits of hiking outdoors as part of the healing process for health issues, Dr. Swank immediately agreed.

“Getting patients to explore new spaces like the Nature Center as part of their exercise routine is a great way to keep them motivated,” said Dr. Swank. “It significantly contributes to a successful health and wellness journey.”

Accessibility at the Cincinnati Nature Center

Even better, the Nature Center offers accessible trails at both their Rowe Woods location in Milford and Long Branch Farm & Trails location in Goshen. Allowing recovering surgery patients, when cleared by their doctor, to further their rehabilitation in the great outdoors — for many, a peaceful and restorative environment.

Dr. Swank recently donated several of his Walk30™ Walking Sticks to the Nature Center, who will raffle them off to some very lucky recipients. A few were already presented to raffle winners, and more will be given away later this year. That includes on National Trails Day on June 5 as part of the Nature Center’s planned celebration.

Get Outdoors

Cincinnati Nature Center was founded in 1967. Their focus is to enrich lives by encouraging a passion for nature through experience, education and stewardship. Learn more about visiting their Rowe Woods and members-only Long Branch Farm & Trails locations.

“With 20 miles of award-winning trails available for all ages and abilities, Dr. Swank’s donation will be used to enhance the hiking experience for the lucky winners!” said Tierney. “Our joint care and consideration for getting the community outside and moving is a wonderful thing for everyone involved.”

If You Need Help Getting Back Outside Without Pain

If you’d like to learn more about a pain that’s been keeping you from the great outdoors, we’d love to help. Our team of specialists is here to get you back to what you love. We have same-day appointments available. Schedule your appointment now to experience the Beacon difference.