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Dos & Don’ts for High School Athletes Summer Training

7 Dos & Don’ts for High School Athletes Summer Training (#3 May Surprise You)

School is out for the summer. For many high school athletes that means it’s off-season training time. Whether you’re taking it easy or ramping up to gain an extra edge, you need to condition responsibly. We’ve compiled our list of 7 dos and don’ts for summer training with our athletic trainers’ help.

#1 Do Keep a Routine
They don’t call them the “lazy, hazy days of summer” for nothing. Instead of waking up late and waiting till the mood hits to condition, keep to a schedule to help ensure success. Having a plan from the start of the day helps. Wake up and go for a run. Then plan a set time for weightlifting and practicing your sport. Now is the time to also focus on weaknesses and refine your game.

#2 Don’t Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down
Even though it doesn’t always seem like it, and it is easy to just dive into a workout, warm-ups and cool-downs are crucial to staving off injuries. Start out with a low-intensity exercise for 5-10 minutes and integrate gentle stretching. Following a workout, it’s time to cool down in a similar way. Gently bring down your heart rate and stretch out those muscles.

#3 Do Emulate a Favorite Athlete
We likely all have sports figures as role models. What were they doing at your age? Did they have a routine or have they developed they have techniques that you’d like to try out? The summer is a wonderful time to study what the greats have done and to figure out what applies to you. That doesn’t mean to go out and expect major league results, but you certainly can try things they’ve done to enhance your own foundation.

#4 Don’t Short Your Rest Intervals
Constant motion and speed don’t equal hard work. Recovery between sets and reps is important, too. In most cases, rest will yield better results in the long run. When we’re on our own, it’s easy to skip over or forget to take time to rest while going through a workout.

#5 Do Remember Common Sense
You’ve heard that common sense isn’t as common as it should be. Don’t fall into the trap of skipping the obvious in the summer heat. Stay hydrated. Let someone know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Like #2 suggests, make sure to stretch it out, warm-up and cool down. Also, get a healthy diet. It’s easy to forget good conditioning habits while spending days at the pool, on the beach, or hanging out with friends.

#6 Do Incorporate Weight Training, Aerobic, and Anaerobic Conditioning
This is a PSA. Squats and deadlifts aren’t the end all be all. Workouts need a good balance of weight training, aerobic, and anaerobic (like sprints and jumps) conditioning. Rounded out by stretching and of course practicing your specific sport itself. Superman strength isn’t enough. Make sure you’re well-rounded. That last bit is actually good advice in all aspects of life.

#7 Don’t Go Crazy with Supplements
Sure, protein powders, vitamins, and other supplements can have their place. But never start adding supplements into your diet without the approval and supervision of a doctor. Furthermore, protein shakes do not equal a training day, so be clear on what you’re taking and do it responsibly.

Beacon Specialists are at the Ready
The off-season is an ideal time to get a checkup with a doctor or take a look at an area of your body that’s been causing issues. It’s also a time when injuries can happen. Regardless of what your need is, our specialists can help.

Our goal is to ensure all of our student-athletes are able to play at their peak performance level while maintaining their health. Contact us to schedule a time to experience the Beacon difference.

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