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Dr. Adam Miller – Summer Injuries

The warm weather is finally here!  That means it may be time to consider doing some simple things to avoid some  preventable, but all too common summer injuries for those taking advantage of the warm weather.
First, anytime a person ramps up their physical activity, this results in more stress in weight transfer to the feet. Commonly, this can create bone bruising and potential stress fractures.
These injuries respond to activity modification and foot protection, such as a boot, surgical sandal or a stiff soled shoe. Instead of ramping up physical activity all at once, Dr. Miller recommends easing into elevated levels of exercise steadily.
Second, athletes are particularly susceptible to ankle sprains. A sprain can range from simply stretching a ligament to a complete rupture. Treatment consists of weight bearing with immobilization in a boot or ankle brace depending on the severity.  This is followed by physical therapy improve chances of surgery avoidance.  Proper warming up, stretching, and cooling down are simple and easy ways to help prevent ankle sprains.
And finally, Achilles tendon pain and ruptures are common in athletes during high intensity and awkward landings. This can occur with impact and jumping movements.
A rupture occurs with immediate pain along the back of the ankle and results in a significant limp and weakness to the patient.
These injuries should be treated by an orthopaedist and result in a long recovery.
I hope these preventative tips and common sense keep you from suffering any summer injuries.  However, if you find yourself experiencing pain in your foot, ankle, or knee, please call Beacon Orthopaedics at 513-354-3700 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adam Miller.