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Devin Mesoraco to Have Shoulder Surgery at Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

The 27-year-old catcher for the Cincinnati Reds started having shoulder pain about a week into the season. This was particularly tough for Devin Mesoraco who missed most of the 2015 season recovering from a hip injury, which required surgery. Missing the 2016 season is not easy news to digest. As Mesoraco put it, “This is certainly not the way I drew things up…”

After an MRI on Tuesday revealed a tear in his shoulder, Mesoraco thought he would at least seek a second opinion. The feedback from both physicians was virtually identical: a complete posterior tear of the labrum. Surgery would be required with four to six months of recovery time. If he continued to play through the pain, the doctors told him there was a high probability additional damage would occur. Mesoraco told reporters “This one was more clear cut where I wasn’t going to be able to play… I don’t think we were ever considering 100% that I was going to try to rehab and get through it.”

His surgery with Reds Team Medical Director Dr. Timothy Kremchek is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10. Dr. Kremchek is a founding member of Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine and has been caring for the Reds since 1996. Dr. Kremchek was Mesoraco’s first opinion, and performs most of the surgeries for Reds players. In fact, players from all over MLB fly to Cincinnati to seek the expertise of sports medicine physicians at Beacon Orthopaedics.

With the minimum of a four month recovery time, it is conceivable that the catcher could be back behind home plate before the season ends. Mesoraco is not counting on it, though. Right now, he is more concerned about recovering well than recovering quickly. “Doc said it’s a minimum of four months, sometimes it takes up to six,” he commented, “It’ll be difficult to get back out before the end of the season.”

Even if Mesoraco is able to return for the last few games of 2016, it will still have been about two years since he was truly a productive player. This is a devastating blow to the 27-year old catcher, but also puts his team in a tough position. We would love to see Devin Mesoraco back for the end of the 2016 season, but regardless, we wish him a quick and easy recovery.

To read the full story as written by Zach Buchanan and published in the Cincinnati Enquirer and, please click here.