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Mason Comets Clinch First State Baseball Title: A Community Triumph

Mason, OH – The Mason Comets capped off an extraordinary season by clinching their first OHSAA Division I state baseball championship on Sunday with a decisive 8-1 victory. This historic win not only underscores the team’s athletic excellence but also highlights the unwavering support from their community and the contributions of several key figures behind the scenes.

Integral to the team’s success is Dr. Andrew Razzano from Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, alongside the Mason Athletic Trainers, who ensure the players have access to quality care throughout the season. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to all the athletic teams and the community,” Dr. Razzano said. “From immediate injury care to long-term recovery, we’ve been closely involved with the baseball team, particularly as they pushed towards the championship.”

Nico Martin with the State Champion Mason Comets

Nico Martin, the team’s athletic trainer and avid baseball enthusiast, has been a constant presence. “I love attending games and being part of the action,” Martin shared. “Managing their health while enjoying the sport I love has been incredibly fulfilling.” Martin emphasized the intense final week of postseason preparations and Head Coach Curt Bly’s management skills, which balanced effective practice with player well-being. “Coach Bly ensures the team is well-prepared without overworking them,” Martin noted.

Adding a unique layer to the Comets’ success story is Jake Tisevich, a physician assistant from Dr. Razzano’s office and a former standout high school and collegiate baseball player. Tisevich is a hitting coach and provides specialized training that integrates clinical care with performance coaching. Reflecting on the championship, he said, “Watching these players develop both in the medical office and on the field has been surreal. They embodied the spirit of champions well before winning the trophy.”

Jake Tisevich, PA-C with JJ Darst, Mason player.

Dr. Razzano lauded Tisevich’s dual role: “Jake’s contributions span managing injuries to tailoring training regimens. This holistic approach has kept our players at their peak performance.”

Martin further highlighted the seamless collaboration within the medical team. “Our constant communication ensures the players receive top-notch care from both a sports medicine and skill development perspective.”

The Mason Comets’ state title is a testament to the power of community support and the collective effort of players, coaches, medical professionals, families, and fans. Their victory celebrates more than just athletic prowess—it’s a triumph of community spirit and teamwork.

Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provides medical direction and coverage for over 35 local high schools, five college athletics programs, and professional teams, including the Cincinnati Reds. With over 20 locations across Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana, Beacon offers instant access to comprehensive orthopaedic care, including sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, imaging services, regenerative medicine, as well as surgical procedures involving neck, spine, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle repair, reconstruction,and replacement.