You will be placed in a soft cast for 1 week after your surgery.  This will limit the movement of your elbow as to not disrupt the reduced medial epicondyle.  You will also be given a sling that you may wear for comfort.   You may move your shoulder in any direction that is comfortable.  Do not force the motion though, because this will likely cause pain.
Your dressing is NOT waterproof; therefore, you are not to get your soft cast wet.  You can bathe; however, will need to cover your arm with a plastic bag or trash bag to avoid getting your incisions wet.  Your soft cast will be removed at your first post-op visit at which point you will be placed in an elbow brace until 6 weeks post op.
If you were given a nerve block for anesthesia, it will wear off over 18-24 hours.  During this time, you will have little to no feeling in the body part where you had surgery (i.e. arm).  An injection of local anesthesia was injected into your elbow after the completion of the operation.  This medication will wear off in 5-6 hours.  Therefore, begin taking the medication (e.g. Vicodin, Percocet, etc.) immediately when you get home.  This will prevent you from having severe pain.  Take the pain medication as needed, every 4-6 hours until you go to bed.
You have been given a prescription for antibiotics (Keflex/cephalexin) – please take as prescribed.
Your post-operative visit should be scheduled 7-10 days after surgery.  At that visit your stitches will be removed.