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Sports Injury Prevention

Sports Injury Prevention: Stop the Injuries

In the world of orthopaedics, few things are as important as sports injury prevention. From pro athletes to competitive high school students to weekend warriors, most of us aren’t doing enough to prevent common sports injuries.

Below is a list of common sports and activities. Each link discusses some simple sports injury prevention methods. These are also helpful tips for parents and coaches. The organization STOP the Injuries is trying to lower knee injuries, stress fractures, ankle sprains, concussions, and other sports injuries among youth athletes.

ACL Encourage Success
Basketball When Play is Too Much-Parents
Cheerleading Prevent and Spot Injuries
Concussion Rowing
Conditioning Rugby
Cycling Running
Dance Skiing
Female Athlete Triad Soccer
Figure Skating Softball
Football Strength Training
Golf Swimming
Gymnastics Talking to Parents
Hockey Teaching Kids Sports Safety
Hydration Tennis
Inline Skating Volleyball
Knee Injuries Water Polo
Lacrosse When Play is Too Much- Athletes
Martial Arts Working With Difficult Parents
Nutrition Wrestling
Overuse Young Athlete

The most common, and easiest to avoid, cause of sports related injuries is simply overuse.  This often impacts volleyball players, baseball athletes, swimmers, and other sports involving repetitive motions, or use of the same muscles. Recognizing fatigue can also play an important role in sports injury prevention. When athletes begin to wear out, their technique often gets sloppy. This, too, can lead to pain. Please click on a link for more information.