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ACL Reconstruction Information

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is often easily damaged. Unfortunately, when this ligament is damaged, ACL reconstruction surgery is often the best option. After the knee emits an audible popping noise, there is often physical and emotional pain. A torn ACL is often caused by twisting suddenly, a fast stop, or in some cases contact to the knee.

We start with a physical examination to assess the extent of the damage. This is followed by an MRI, and then the best course of action is recommended. Depending on age, cause of injury, and activity level, there are a few non-surgical options. However, most of the time an ACL reconstruction is necessary. The ACL cannot simply be sewn back together. Instead, we usually have to graft it together using a hamstring tendon, patella tendon, or cadaver tendon. Dr. Kremchek performs all three of these procedures. Use of the patella tendon has been decreasing in popularity over the past decade, but it is still preferred by some patients.

All grafts are performed at one of our surgery centers. We provide the experience and knowledge of thousands of ACL procedures. Dr. Kremchek himself has performed over three thousand ACL reconstructions. We also have viewing rooms for family members, which include detailed explanations of the surgery by an experienced nurse. The doctor also has the ability to explain details and progress to the family via speakers in the room. The entire procedure generally takes less than an hour. If there is also damage to the meniscus, it may be longer.

Our objective is to get athletes back on the field or court within three to six months. We offer a bridge program, in case insurance runs out before an athlete is fully recovered. Our prevention program is designed to decrease the likelihood of such injuries.
For additional information, please watch the video below or schedule an appointment with Dr. Kremchek.