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Running Injury Prevention

For active people, often the worst imaginable scenario is one in which they are required to rest to prevent future injury. Running injury prevention doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it is often as simple as warming up and stretching. Dr. Tim Kremchek says the key to preventing injuries is to spend 5 minutes warming up on the treadmill or bike. Then stretch before and after a run.

Dr. Kremchek also says to stop running immediately if you believe you have an injury.

“When you hurt something stop. When you hurt it, it will usually swell. So we elevate it, we put some compression and ice on it. Ice decreases the amount of swelling. Swelling causes pain, so you want to do ice after an injury or after a run. Put it on your shins if your shins hurt because it decreases inflammation. And use heat before you run. You can put heat on your lower back or muscles that may be causing you pain because it loosens you up,” said Dr. Kremchek.

Dr. Kremchek says to pace yourself during training and soreness is usually a sign that you need to back off the intensity of your training. He says stretching before and after a run, as well as warming up, can help prevent injuries. Stretching can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Dr. Kremchek also shares how he gets Reds players back on the field after an injury.

‘We work with them twice a day in physical therapy. We put them on the right medication and make them understand how important rehabilitation stretching, strengthening, the medications are to get them back to play. That’s the same for everybody. But for them it’s much more noticeable because everyone knows when they’re out,’ said Kremchek.

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