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Protect Yourself From Slips This Winter

Because snow should be the only thing falling this year

Colder months are here to stay, and while we’re all dreaming of sugar and spice and everything nice, the winter wonderland outside our door can bring some slippery hazards with it in the name of snow and ice. We’ve pulled together some tips on how to stay upright this winter and what to do when that fails.

Tips to Avoid Slips and Falls

It’s, of course, safest to stay inside until walkways and roads are clear. However, if you find it necessary to brave the cold, there are a few things you can do to help prevent injuries with the following safety measures:

  • Wear shoes with winter-worthy traction and grip
  • Take your time and move with smaller steps
  • Avoid carrying big and hefty items while walking on slippery surfaces
  • Use salt to melt ice on sidewalks and driveways

If you do feel yourself start to fall, remember to tuck and roll. Relax your muscles and tuck your chin to avoid hitting your head on the ground. This position allows the force of the fall to be more evenly distributed throughout your body, which reduces the possibility of serious injury.

The Ice Took You Down. Now What?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a slip and fall can still happen. So when the ice wins, be prepared to treat your potential injury no matter how minor or severe. First things first, make sure you can move safely to an indoor location. If you can’t, get help immediately — either from a loved one or 911. If you can get inside, break out the ice. We know, ice did this in the first place, but it can help. Apply it to the injury for 15 minutes at a time throughout the first 24 hours following a fall.

If your injury is minor, it’ll resolve itself with a cold compress and rest. If the pain is serious and doesn’t go away, you should contact your Beacon Orthopaedics specialist. Depending on the type of injury, anything from physical therapy to non-surgical treatment to surgery may be recommended. Getting treated sooner rather than later is ideal for the best chance at getting you healthy again.

We’re Here for You

Injuries happen. Whether it’s due to slipping on ice, or playing it a little too fast and loose with the ladder while hanging Christmas lights, the specialists at Beacon are here to help. Same-day appointments and Urgent Care are available when the unexpected happens. Schedule an appointment online anytime.