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Big Toe and Foot Pain – New Option You Need to Know

The Big Toe Pain Game Changer

Big toe pain can come in many varieties. One of the most common causes is arthritis in the toe at the metatarsophalangeal (MP) joint called “Hallux Rigidus”. This joint is an area of high stress. Pain is more common in women and a common site for arthritis in the foot. For years patients have dealt with pain in their big toe and been given few options. These include: antiinflammatories, shoe changes, activity modification, injections, and possibly surgery.Foot in shoes bending at the toe

Many patients fear surgery when hearing that the surgical solution is a fusion of the joint. This requires the bones to grow together and involves placing metal screws and/or a plate in the toe for stabilization. Other options may not reliably take pain away.

A new product call Cartiva has been recently approved by the FDA. It is backed by research and years of use in Europe. This is essentially an implant placed in the big toe to prevent the grinding of the MP joint. Symptom relief in selected patients has been similar to fusion patients in a recent study. See the recent story by NBC Nightly News below.

The Cartiva implant is made of a similar material to a soft contact lens. The success rate is vastly improved to previous implants. And if the implants fails, a salvage fusion is still possible. Previous implants did not allow this.

Investigation into other uses for the implant material are already underway. This includes knee and hand treatment options.

Not all patients are appropriate for this new implant. However, in the right patient this can keep you going with minimal down time or motion loss. The implant is appropriate for all ages with big toe arthritis. To find out more about this exciting option, call us today for a full consultation or click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adam Miller.

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