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South Dearborn Receives New Medical Equipment

Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and Dearborn County Hospital provide athletic training and medical director services to South Dearborn High School.  Dr. David Argo of Beacon Orthopaedics serves as the school’s medical director.  The partnership was designed with student athletes in mind and provides comprehensive care.  Since the partnership began, funds for medical equipment have been tight.  A recent grant alleviated many of those concerns.

South Dearborn High School has been given more than $21,000 in additional and new equipment to provide care to athletes during medical emergencies.  The coordinated efforts of Beacon Orthopaedics, DCH, and the Dearborn Community Foundation are responsible.  This equipment will help the sideline medical personnel apply care better and faster.  For schools like South Dearborn, this money provides game changing equipment for injured athletes.

The Dearborn Community Foundation provided the generous grant.  Funds were put toward the purchase of a John Deere utility vehicle and an automated external defibrillator (AED).  Some other sports medicine related equipment was also purchased.  Nobbe Mower Shop, Inc provided the utility vehicle at a reduced cost for the school.  The Batesville based shop also customized the John Deere to transport injured athletes during medical emergencies.  In the event of a torn ACL or concussion, it will be easy to transport athletes off the field without doing further damage.

Excitement from the Medical Director:

“There are a lot of benefits to using the utility terrain vehicle,” explained Dr. David Argo, the school’s medical director.  “It equips the athletic trainer with the AED and other emergency supplies.  Unfortunately, accidents and injuries still happen during games.  If there is an emergency, this new equipment allows us to provide more immediate care.”

Ed Brush, MSPT/ATC, DCH Director of Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, continued, “The UTV is also fitted with a stretcher to transport the player off the field if necessary.  Also, because of its small size, it can reach places inaccessible to a full size emergency vehicle.  That means the athletic trainer and the necessary equipment can reach the injured player much more quickly.”

The team spent a lot of time coordinating the process.  The school recognized those involved during halftime of the South Dearborn versus Lawrenceburg football home game earlier this month.  Special recognition went to David Argo, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon of Beacon Orthopaedics.  Amanda Harper, Community Outreach Coordinator of Beacon Orthopaedics was also recognized.  Brad Stoneking, Principal of South Dearborn High School and Ryan Walston, Athletic Director at South Dearborn High School were recognized.  Jennifer Semones, ATC at South Dearborn High School and Ed Brush, MSPT/ATC of Dearborn County Hospital were noted for their contributions.