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Pre-Participation Sports Physicals

One of the most important preparations for the upcoming year in athletics is the pre-participation sports physicals. This physical is required by Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana for participation in all organized school sporting activities – that means practices and tryouts as well as competition. So, for many families, getting the preseason physical is an annual event through the junior high and high school years.

Why does the state require pre-participation physicals?
Most states require, with the support of eight different medical boards, preseason physicals with one goal in mind: safety. These screening exams are intended to help reduce the chances of avoidable problems on the field or court, as well as some away from the sporting environment. The exams are intended to find and lead to treatment of injuries or ailments that might hinder or cause damage to the athlete during strenuous athletic events. Although medical professionals recognize that screening physicals do not find all potential problems or issues, they do advocate the physicals as a very important preventative measure in the care and protection of athletes. Anyone participating in organized athletic competition at junior high or high school level should have a physical prior to participation in tryouts, practices, or competitions.

How do athletes get their sports physicals?
1. Beacon Orthopaedics hosts sports physical events at multiple locations throughout the summer, no appointment is required. Dates are determined and advertised in the early spring.
2. Contact the athletic department at your school to find out if they have specific plans or a scheduled physical day.
3. The athlete can make an appointment to see their primary care provider and have the physical completed there.