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Revolutionizing Patient Care with Dr. Michael Swank

In the world of orthopedic surgery, physicians stand out for their specialties. And Dr. Michael Swank does just that by specializing in hip and knee replacements, specifically outpatient procedures. More than being exceptional at what he does, though, is what sets him apart, and that is at the heart of what’s —well— him. 

“My initial interest in medicine was really just in helping people,” said Dr. Swank. “I wanted to see how I could make a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

Prioritizing Patient Experience

What further sets Dr. Swank apart is an unwavering belief in the power of independent physician practices. In a profession often dominated by larger institutions, he champions the cause of practices like Beacon where patient focus and physician drive take center stage. It’s in this type of environment that he finds the freedom to prioritize his patients and deliver a higher level of personalized care.

With a blend of surgical proficiency, empathetic pain management, and a commitment to constant improvement, Dr. Swank aims to provide more than a health care service. He provides a health care experience — one where the patient’s well-being is kept at the forefront of his decisions and actions.

What it Truly Means to Specialize in Orthopedic Hip and Knee Pain

Specializing in hip and knee replacements equips Dr. Swank with the proficiency and specificity to more readily identify and address uncommon issues. Issues that might slip under the radar of those who practice in a more generalized setting. 

“I constantly work to solve problems that patients have, and since I regularly do the same types of procedures, problems that may not be as common for others, I see more frequently,” Dr. Swank shared. “That allows me to more quickly identify and address them.”

Dr. Swank’s dedication to understanding the experience of his patients has helped him better refine his surgical techniques, which he also extends to ensuring comprehensive pain management. He does that by harnessing the information and data points gained through pre-operative assessments and attentive post-operative follow-up.

A Commitment to Transparency and Communication

Further enhancing Dr. Swank’s expertise is his focus on patient-reported outcomes. In a landscape where surprises aren’t generally welcome, Dr. Swank’s patients can expect a consistent flow of information from him. Starting with the initial consultation to post-operative care, there are no hidden surprises, only a steadfast commitment to creating a positive patient experience.

Notably, Dr. Swank and his team actively seek feedback from their patients to create a dynamic loop of improvement. They do more than merely follow healthcare trends. They lead them as they shape the future of patient care. This approach not only keeps them sharp but also underscores their singular focus — taking care of patients.

Experience Hip and Knee Care from Beacon

Hip and knee pain doesn’t have to be something you just live with. Schedule an appointment today to find out how you could be living with less pain sooner than you may think.