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8 Trick-Or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year for most children. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous. While injuries on Halloween have become less common over the years, it never hurts to brush up on some basic safety tips to keep them top of mind and teach your children.


  1. A parent or other trusted adult should always be with young children. If your children are old enough to trick-or-treat alone, make sure they are with a group and have a phone for quick communication.
  2. Stay on well-lit streets and agree on the path they will go on beforehand.
  3. Never cut across yards, especially if it’s dark out. The ground may be uneven or have debris that can cause tripping or twisted ankles.
  4. Only cross the street at established crosswalks and don’t assume right of way. If it’s dark, the driver may not see people crossing!
  5. Avoid dark costumes without any reflective or bright part. Cars may not be able to see someone dressed in dark clothing when it’s dark outside.
  6. Do not purchase props (wigs, swords, canes, etc.) that could block vision, get in the way, or otherwise harm people.
  7. Send children with a flashlight that you’ve tested beforehand. Even if you say to be home before sunset, equip children with the tools to make it home safely if they lose track of time.
  8. Choose non-flammable costume pieces. Jack-o-lanterns, bonfires, and other flames may be around your children. Ensure they are wearing flame-resistant clothing, especially if they have long skirts or capes.

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