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Traveling Pain-Free: 7 Hacks to Dodge Orthopedic Pain

This is one for our wanderlusters! Traveling is exciting, but it can also wreak havoc on your joints and muscles, leaving you feeling like a busted swim floatie. Fear not, though. We have the lowdown on dodging orthopedic pain to help keep your travels Insta-worthy.

1) Flex it Like a Yoga Boss

Before you dive headfirst into your travel plans, warm up your muscles and joints. Get your stretch on with some yoga moves — or whatever version of stretching you feel most comfortable doing. Not only will it improve your flexibility, but it’ll also help prevent those painful “oh no” moments.

2) Travel Light, Keep it Tight

Fight the urge to pack your entire wardrobe. Traveling light means less strain on your back, shoulders, and knees. Pro tip: snag a sleek backpack to distribute the weight evenly, taking the pressure off your spine.

3) Break for Workouts

Long flights or road trips can be a total pain in the, well, neck… and more. Combat that cramped, tight feeling with some in-flight or pit-stop exercises. Break for neck rolls, shoulder shrugs, and leg stretches. Not only will it shake off stiffness, but it’ll also entertain your fellow travelers with your mid-air fitness game.

4) Time to Bounce! Stand Up and Stretch it Out

It’s tempting to sink into your seat and binge-watch your fave shows, but sitting for hours is a total buzzkill for your body. So, rise up like the boss that you are and make sure to get your blood flowing. Whether it’s playing with your kids at the beach or strutting your stuff by the pool.

5) Find Your Pillow of Choice

Sleeping on pillows that aren’t yours can cause neck pain. Avoid that by bringing your own travel pillow. It’ll cradle your neck, keep it aligned, and give you nights of pain-free bliss.

6) Don’t Hate — Hydrate

Dehydration can get dangerous fast. Keep a water bottle handy and hydrate like a vacation pro. Sip, gulp, chug —whatever floats your… hydration! Stay healthy while maintaining that (well-hydrated) vacation glow.

7) Call in the experts when needed

If all else fails, and you end up in pain despite your best efforts, don’t hesitate to hit up the pros. Our Beacon orthopedic specialists are true lifesavers. With their expertise and treatment plans, you’ll be back on your feet and back vacationing before you know it.

Travel is all about making epic memories, so don’t let orthopedic pain rain on your parade. With these seven travel hacks, you can stay pain-free and get the most out of your adventures. Schedule an appointment online anytime.