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4 Game-Changing, Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care Options

Surgery isn’t always required when it comes to orthopedic care. At Beacon, we utilize several non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment options to help you with muscle and skeletal pain or mobility issues.

For our specialists, surgery is not always the first answer. While it is required to treat some patients, many see life-enhancing improvements from non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures without ever having to have surgery. Avoiding surgery has many benefits to your recovery, which is why our specialists work so hard to identify the best course of action for your unique needs — instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your condition.

Treatment Alternatives to Surgery

  1. Medication — topical or oral
  2. Steroid injections
  3. Minimally invasive, or regenerative medicine, procedures
  4. Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Together, with your Beacon physician, you’ll create a step-by-step treatment plan based on your specific needs. That plan could include just one of the treatment options above or a combination of them. The following delves deeper into each one to help you understand how they can benefit you.


Prescription drugs can go really far in helping our patients manage their ailments. They can include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or nerve pain medications to relieve pain while you heal. Our physicians will take the utmost care to prescribe medications that will help you recover without causing dependency.

Steroid Injections

In some cases, patients can benefit from injections that include a combination of corticosteroid and numbing medicine. Together, they relieve pain while improving function. They can also help determine if your condition requires more aggressive treatment.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

When non-invasive treatments aren’t helping and surgery isn’t necessarily the next best option, there are minimally invasive procedures. They can be excellent at reducing your joint discomfort or improving your mobility. They can include anything from platelet-rich plasma injections to perineural injection therapy (PIT), or stem cell therapy to proliferant therapy (prolotherapy).

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Our expert team of experienced physical therapists can help you get back to an active lifestyle through therapy and rehabilitation. They will help ensure your body is moving correctly to support your condition’s repair and recovery. You can also take advantage of our Bridge Program, which is geared to help patients who are ready to step down from physical therapy or people who would benefit from rehabilitating injuries or addressing a physical deficit they’re experiencing.

Take the Best Next Step

Discomfort and pain are not normal. They should not be part of your daily life. If you are experiencing pain on a regular basis, your best next step is to contact Beacon Orthopaedics. Our specialists will work with you to identify the best plan of action possible for your needs.