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How to Save 40% or More on Your Joint Replacement

Recent studies reveal that choosing an Ambulatory Surgery Center instead of a hospital may reduce your joint replacement cost by thousands!

Jeff Piecoro lives a very busy and extremely active life as a sports broadcaster for Fox Sports Ohio and Reds Live.  His job involves traveling frequently, standing for long periods of time, walking far distances, and often climbing stadium or arena steps.  For years his hip impingement slowed him down and caused severe pain.

He finally decided to take care of it once and for all at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Beacon Orthopaedics.  Jeff is now pain free and even back on the golf course!  You can watch Jeff’s story on YouTube here:

Jeff chose to have his procedure done at Beacon for many reasons—the expertise of his surgeon, specialized staff, and orthopaedic focused facilities. However, chief among those reasons was the surprising cost difference between having his procedure at an ASC like Beacon’s (23 hour stay or less) vs. a hospital.

According to a study published in Becker’s Healthcare, the cost for total joint replacements at an ASC was 40% less than in a hospital.  On average, an outpatient joint replacement surgery that costs $11,677, would cost $19,361 in an inpatient setting.  The study also noted that there was no noticeable difference in patient outcomes. In fact, many patients who had an outpatient procedure reported a more pleasant recovery experience, enjoying the comforts of home sooner after surgery than those with a longer hospital stay.

The lower cost and same outcomes are causing a growing trend of younger, healthy individuals choosing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) for care instead of larger hospital systems.  Many components go into the cost of a joint replacement: surgical fees, medications, implants, staffing, post-op care, and so on.  An ASC can generally manage these costs better than a hospital, reducing overhead and therefore, the price patients pay.  Plus, the specialized staff at a surgery center like Beacon’s can perform specialized procedures more efficiently and effectively than many general hospital surgical staff.

Generally speaking, anyone in their 40s, 50s, and 60s in good overall health should be a candidate to have a total joint procedure performed at a surgery center.  Sometimes, however, an inpatient stay at a hospital is recommended for patients with insurance limitations or more complicated health concerns.  Your fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon will let you know if it is necessary to have the procedure performed at a hospital instead of Beacon’s ASC.

Ready for a Joint Replacement?

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