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5 Tips for Getting Back in Shape at Home


Getting back in shape at home can be difficult. Although gyms and fitness centers are beginning to open back up, many don’t feel comfortable working out in crowded places right now. Therefore, many are trying to get in shape with household items and at-home workout regiments. If you’re looking for some tips on how to keep in shape while at home, check out our tips below!

Schedule your workouts.

The best way to avoid getting in a workout rut is to stick to a schedule. Make sure to stick to times and dates that work for you, and make sure to give yourself rest days.

Decide on a regiment.

You can create an entire fitness program at home with simple exercises that make a big difference. If you’re a beginner or haven’t worked out in a while, try to aim for 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and 30 minutes of strength work three times per week. You can space these out however you like to fit your schedule! Make sure that you’re targeting all major muscle groups: upper body, lower body, abs, and back.

Don’t do anything dangerous!

Make sure you know your limits. If you’re used to lifting 25 pounds, for instance, don’t try to jump up to 50. This is especially true if you’re working out by yourself.

Find an exercise partner.

If you still feel unmotivated, try to find someone who will work out with you. Go on runs together, video call during your workouts, and even challenge each other to do your best. Working out with a partner can greatly increase your motivation.

Track your progress.

If you have a specific goal in mind, track your progress! There are a lot of great fitness apps out on the market or jot things down in a fitness journal. No matter your goal, seeing your daily progress can help motivate you to work harder and reach it faster.