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Haleem Chaudhary, M.D.

I had both my knees replaced by Dr. Chaudhary in Sept. & Nov. Of 2007. It is now 2014 and I have not had one problem with my knees. I have other family members and friends that have had their knees replaced by other physicians and have problems with them. I have NEVER had anything go wrong to this day. I always tell people what a great job Dr. Chaudhary did. HE IS THE BEST!!!


Can’t say enough good things about Dr Chaudhary. He gave me a new hip and two new knees. Proof is in the pudding! Walking pain free, no limp, no problems what so ever. I highly recommend him to anyone!


I just recently underwent Bilateral Total Knee replacement. I had been knock knee from birth and also had osteoarthritis. It had become extremely difficult for me to walk. Two years ago I was given Dr. Chaudhary’s name. I knew I wanted both knees replaced at the same time and was told he was the very best. After two years I made my appointment.


Upon entering the office, a total peace came over me and when I saw Dr. Chaudhary, I knew I was in the best care possible. The staff of Dr. Chaudhary are very compassionate, they are the first to greet you and they create a very calming atmosphere (very important). He has medical abilities in new and modern technology and is outstanding in the fields of orthopedics and joint replacement/reconstruction. Before surgery, when I walked my knees crossed over each other. After surgery for the first time in my life I have straight legs!!!


Dr. Chaudhary has given me a new life!!! Four hours after surgery I walked, three days out I walked up and down steps and have been able to do that comfortably and with confidence! I have been blessed! Dr. Chaudhary has skills and a heart to go along with that! My recovery time has been remarkable. After the hospital stay I started Physical Therapy at my local hospital and exercise at home. I have been very pleased. Four weeks from surgery I am starting back to work and resuming all my normal life activities. I would highly recommend Dr. Chaudhary !!! Thank You !!!


All I can say is Thank You. I am able to walk free without pain in my knees. I have my life back.


Had total knee replacement on both knees on Feb 2015. I got my life back. Before surgery I could hardly walk. Now I’m going to climb Half Dome spring of 2016. Great doctor and staff. Thanks guys.