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Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Dr. Chaudhary performs hip replacements via an anterior soft tissue approach with a minimally invasive, muscle sparing technique.  An early adopter of this procedure, Dr. Chaudhary has been performing hip replacements in this way for the past 10 years and has personally completed thousands of surgeries.

The anterior surgical approach can be technically more demanding, so surgical experience is even more critical for perfect results.  This method of hip replacements has several distinct advantages over other hip replacement techniques.

100% Accurate Leg Length

With anterior approach hip replacement, post-operative leg-length discrepancy is avoided.  During the surgery, Dr. Chaudhary uses fluoroscopic guidance to ensure accurate leg length and can essentially guarantee that the planned hip reconstruction will not lengthen or shorten the leg inadvertently.

No Dislocation

Dislocation or hip instability is nearly eliminated with hip replacement through the anterior approach.  Traditional hip replacements included the fear of postoperative dislocation, a painful and potentially devastating complication.  As such, patients would typically experience greatly reduced range of motion after surgery.  With anterior approach hip replacement, there are no post-operative range of motion restrictions, and patients are encouraged to stretch and do everything normally.  Assistive devices such as shower chairs, elevated toilet seats, etc. are not necessary.  More importantly, the fear of dislocation is not necessary and patients can recover in comfort.

Less Pain

Post-operative pain is reduced after anterior approach hip replacement.  There is no muscle split or cut during Dr. Chaudhary’s minimally invasive approach.  The true interval between the sartorious muscle and the tensor fascia lata is used.  The ability to place the implants with minimal or no disruption to the muscles and soft tissues results in less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery.

Speed and Expertise

Dr. Chaudhary’s average surgical time for hip replacement is under 1 hour.  A speedy and efficient surgery results in better results for the patient.  Less time under anesthesia, lower blood loss, and lower infection rates are just a few advantages to a shorter surgical time.  The majority of Dr. Chaudhary’s hip replacements are performed as outpatient surgeries, with patients recovering comfortably and safely in their homes the night of surgery.

Return to High Performance

Hip replacement in the younger, active patient can be more demanding.  The expectation is perfection.  Dr. Chaudhary is specialized in hip replacements in these patients.  Marathon runners, police officers, laborers, coaches and athletes are some of the groups that Dr. Chaudhary is accustomed to treating.  All of these people are expected to return to full and unrestricted function after hip replacement surgery.  Specific post-operative protocols are needed to return to high impact and demanding activities, but this is all possible.

Anterior approach hip replacement is the current state of the art in hip surgery.  Surgical experience and skill are essential in achieving the desired result without complication.  The goal is for the patient to return to full functionality without restrictions or pain.  Dr. Chaudhary and his team at Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine are here to help those seeking a hip replacement with a rapid, pain-free recovery.

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