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Atul Chandoke, M.D.

Dr. Chandoke is the best pain doctor I have seen. He is very compassionate and has empathy for his patients, which is a trait that seems to be lost by a lot of doctors nowadays. He really cares about treating the pain issues as a whole. If you have serious pain that needs corrected, then trust that you will not be disappointed with this doctor!

-Scott C.

Dr. Chandoke and his staff go above and beyond to make sure that their patients feel comfortable and are well taken care of. I’ve been at the practice for a little over 5 years and I’m not sure what I would have done without Dr. Chandoke. He has literally brought me back from very poor health and stood by me through many procedures, very patiently, to provide the best care he could for me. I see the way his staff interacts with other patients and family members that come in and I’m just in awe of how caring of how everyone at this office is for those who come through the doors. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who’s in need of their services!

-Emerald S.

Dr. Chandoke is a very strategic doctor that does everything in his power to make sure you get the care you deserve and need, not only in his office, but in any office that you go to for care. Every person in his office treats every patient with all the respect and attention that every patient deserves.

-John S.

I received a spinal epidural right before Thanksgiving from Dr. Chandoke. I feel so much better. No aching pain going down my leg anymore. #relief

-Adrian J.

Dr. Chandoke listens to your problems and looks at test results very thoroughly. He is very kind, understanding and honest. He also will tell it like it is, gives you options and recommendations.

-Cornelia H.