Surgery at Beacon Orthopaedics

Latest COVID-19 Surgery Updates

In late-April, Governor Mike DeWine announced that elective surgeries could restart across Ohio on May 1. Therefore, we are now scheduling elective surgeries and will restart performing surgeries at our state-of-the-art and sanitized surgery centers beginning May 4. All of our surgery centers are outpatient facilities safely away from hospitals and emergency rooms. We’ve also instituted enhanced safety protocols including COVID-19 screenings and strict social distancing. If you have been putting off your surgery, please call us to reschedule at 513-354-3700.

New COVID-19 Pre-Surgery Screening Questionnaire

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine offers patients the option to have their orthopedic surgical procedure performed in the Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) at the Summit Woods or Beacon West locations. Our ASCs provide patients with the ability to have their surgery in a safe environment outside of the stress at a hospital operating room. The ASCs have a unique setting with viewing rooms where families can see the OR environment and watch the procedure being performed. Each family is accompanied by a viewing room attendant that explains the procedures step by step.

Our facilities are equipped with 23-hour nursing care rooms for patients who require an extended recovery. The ASC staff is cross-trained to work pre-operatively, in the OR, and in post-op. This gives the entire staff the ability to provide patients total quality care.

Physicians Anesthesia Service provides Beacon with a select group of anesthesia providers that are also specialized in musculoskeletal procedures and are proficient in providing peripheral nerve blocks for postoperative pain control.

The ASC is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Meeting the standards of AAAHC demonstrates a commitment to quality and a deep concern for those we serve.


Viewing Rooms

At Beacon’s Summit Woods Surgery Center, all operating rooms are connected to private viewing rooms where patient’s family/friends can watch procedures as they’re performed. These rooms are equipped with televisions to show what the physician is working on, an attendant to explain what the physician is doing, and a phone so that the viewer can speak with the physician post-surgery to discuss how the procedure went. Not all procedures can be viewed by family members or friends, and this discretion is up to the operating physician.

Recovery Suites

We are excited to offer patients the chance to stay in one of Beacon’s 23-hour Recovery Suites. Procedures traditionally performed in an expensive hospital setting can now be done in our specialized facility in operating rooms designed for the procedures. Many patients are released within a few hours of surgery, but for overnight patients, nursing staff works overnight to monitor patients and assure all their medical care needs are met.

Beacon Surgical Recovery Room

Total hip and total knee replacements, total shoulder replacements, total ankle replacements, and minimally invasive spine surgeries can now be done at Beacon’s convenient outpatient surgery center.  Now you can be home either the same day or the next day and be on the road to recovery sooner.

This new alternative is a high quality, cost-effective solution for many patients.

Throughout the stay for one of these procedures, patients will have the chance to meet with the surgeon and team, meet the anesthesiologist, have the procedure, meet the physical therapy team dedicated to their rehabilitation and begin therapy- all in the comfort of a luxurious patient suite with refreshments and a dining menu for patients and guests. All rooms are stocked with refreshments and snacks, as well as flat-screen TVs and private restrooms.



Anesthesia at our ambulatory surgery centers is provided by Seven Hills Anesthesia.  For information about their physicians and services, please click here to visit their website.Seven Hills Anesthesia Logo