Performance Testing

Beacon Elite Sports Training and Beacon’s Physical Therapy Departments now have access to performance testing technology, using DorsaVi.
This cutting edge wearable technology is changing the game for athletes and patients recovering from orthopedic injuries.  DorsaVi provides objective data to more easily and accurately weigh risks of injury, determine when it is safe to return to a sport or activity, and provide highly customized training programs.

Instead of basing decisions on visual perceptions alone, DorsaVi allows our athletic trainers and physical therapists to look at accurate, real time data.

This new way to collect and access data has helped enhance athletic performance as well as track progress and assist in recovery from injuries or surgeries.  The data is collected and displayed in user-friendly, easy to read charts like the one here:

sports performance technology

Interested in learning more about sports performance technology, and how these new advances are being used?  Watch the video below or click the logo at the bottom of the page.

This wearable technology is wireless, which means the sensors objectively measures an athlete’s movement without the encumbrance of wires and nodes. The rate of capture for the motion and muscle sensors is 200 frames per second, which means specific, accurate, real time information.

Analyzing how athletes perform when they are fatigued versus fresh is a great way to prevent injuries. Data collected can provide bench marking and makes goal setting more definitive and customized. This level of analysis equips trainers, athletes, and physical therapists to make more informed decisions. The tracking and reporting allow visually attractive, objective, very specific data to be easily interpreted.

Track Athletic Progress with DorsaViDecrease Recovery Time with DorsaVi

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