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MACI Procedure for Knee Rejuvenation

Dr. Razzano spent some time explaining the MACI procedure on the WING radio station (ESPN 1410) in Dayton, OH.

Afternoon show co-hosts Justin Kinner and Mark Schlemmer got the chance to ask some questions to Dr. Andrew Razzano, the only physician in Greater Dayton to perform the FDA-approved MACI procedure.  The MACI procedure involves taking a patient’s own cells, growing them in a lab, and then implanting them back into the patient to regrow cartilage.

Patient can usually expect to return to normal activity within about 3 months and within about 6 months they can return to running and cutting or higher level sports.  This is a good procedure to restore or replace cartilage, especially after a joint has been cleaned up multiple times or has lost cartilage due to over-use or an injury.

Right now, the MACI procedure works best for people who have lost cartilage in their knee.  Dr. Razzano hopes to see the scope of application broaden to include shoulder, hip, and ankle applications as well, even though right now it is only approved for knee.

Listen to the full interview here: