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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Cincinnati

At Beacon Orthopaedics, our spine specialists understand that back pain can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life, and we are experts at alleviating that pain. One cause of back pain that impacts many adults as they age is degenerative disc disease, which is a result of wear and tear on the discs that cushion the vertebrae. We can recommend and perform a range of conservative treatments for degenerative disc disease as well as surgery to alleviate pain and get our patients back to enjoying their lives.

Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease

The most common symptom of degenerative disc disease is consistent, low-grade pain around the degenerating disc. Sometimes, people with DDD experience more severe pain during a flare-up. Other symptoms may include:

  • Tingling or numbness in the arms and legs
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Pain in the lower back, upper thighs, or buttocks
  • Pain that is worse when sitting
  • Pain that is worse when bending or lifting
  • Pain that improves with shifting positions or lying down

Who is at Greater Risk for Degenerative Disc Disease Symptoms?

Over time, everybody’s intervertebral discs begin to wear down or suffer small tears or injuries. Certain people are more likely to develop pain or other symptoms of DDD, including:

  • People who are overweight
  • People who have experienced a spine injury or trauma
  • People who smoke
  • Gymnasts
  • People who drive for a living

Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease

When conservative treatment is not successful in addressing a patient’s pain from degenerative disc disease, a surgical procedure called a discectomy is often the solution. During this procedure, the injured intervertebral disc is removed.

Ready to Experience the Beacon Difference?

If you are suffering from pain caused by degenerative disc disease, the spine specialists at Beacon Orthopaedics can help. To learn more about this condition and treatment options, please to schedule a consultation.

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